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Childbirth is an exhilarating yet physically and emotionally challenging experience20150904_093839.jpg

Wanting to be a participant rather than a spectator at this most personal and transforming life event, we seek the ideas and the tools that can work with our body’s instincts to enhance and ease the way to delivery.

Relaxation that specifically targets the inevitable adrenalin response

Persistent tension is unhelpful and zaps the energy we need to go the distance in the marathon. Learn to “Let Go....”

Positions for comfort that work also for gravity and power

In standing, in leaning, in sitting, in kneeling, in supported or modified squatting or using a fitball......let gravity do the work

Breathing that equips you to “ride those waves”

No specific right way but simple, variable responses that use mental images to prompt a rhythmic breath focus to match one contraction at a time; bookended with a breath out that says “I can....” and a breath out that says “I did....”

Distractions such as movement / rocking / music / heat / TENS

Movement that calms or movement that matches the power of the uterus; rocking that soothes, music to distract and lift mood, heat that comforts and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) - a hand-held unit that research shows reduces the need for an epidural to as low as 15% and the use of gas and pethidine by a third to a half

Partner support

Ways for those supporting a labouring woman to massage, to hold; to counterpressure specific hot spots and to affirm a constant presence through voice and touch

What to do and what not to do; what to say and what not to say

150904 birthwise dvd pic.png

Optimal positions and best mechanics for pushing your baby out

We were designed to “open and release” so what does that look like?

What if you’ve had an epidural?

So be “birthwise" and, as part of your labour preparation, spend a dedicated hour exploring and rehearsing in a very practical way with our experienced educators.

This hour long session will boost your confidence and resourcefulness for your special day. Come and equip yourself with the essentials.