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Mens Health

Men’s Health @ Fitwise Physiotherapy


After Prostate Surgery

  • About to have surgery to remove your prostate?
  • Recovering from surgery?
  • Having trouble staying dry?

Fitwise pelvic floor physios provide structured and targeted programs to help you recover your pelvic floor function and continence after this surgery.

Management will involve a thorough assessment and then a plan developed to help you achieve your goals in a timely manner to get you back to all the things you love to do.

This may involve:

Ensuring you are doing your pelvic floor exercises with the correct technique

A personalised pelvic floor exercise program

Clinical Pilates to help train your pelvic floor to work well in day to day activities (in our studio and also at home)

Looking at how your diet and fluid intake may be influencing your bladder function.

Advice and guidance for general exercise to return to good physical health

For further information about how physiotherapy can assist you after a radical prostatectomy download our free "Physiotherapy and prostate surgery" e-book

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation (Bladder/Bowel Continence Issues)

At Fitwise Physiotherapy we understand that pelvic floor problems can interrupt your ability to enjoy a full active life. Fitwise Physiotherapists ensure private and respectful management solutions are provided for your individual needs.

A full assessment will be done to determine your pelvic floor requirements, and a management plan will be provided to achieve your goals in agreed time frames. Read More...

Returning to Physical Heath after Cancer

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Clinical Pilates after Prostatectomy

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Clinical Pilates for Health and Well-being

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